Life Sentry – Emergency Systems

Life Sentry,   Two Way Voice Pendent for seniors to continue to live independently by enabling them to reach Medical attention or assistance at the touch of a button.  Monitoring with 3 completely different  UL Listed monitoring stations simultaneously.

Personal Emergency Assistance

$199.00 up front,  $15.99 a month

No Contract

or   $69.00 up front, $22.95 a month   1 year agreement

As an add on to your Home Security System $175.00 up front and $11.99 a month extra added on to home security monitoring.

Two way voice Pendant Medical Alert System

Speak and listen through the pendant to a 24 hour operator

Works anywhere  200 ft or more all around your home





  • Water Resistant- The pendant allows you to call for help while you are working in the yard, in the shower or the bath.
  • Voice Prompted System- Provides announcements during set-up, testing, battery test and full system check
  • Pendant Battery- (Lithium-ion) battery  enables over 4 hours of talk time on a full charge, and up to 4 months on stand-by.  Two rechargeable batteries are included.  One charges in the base station charger, while the other is in the pendant.  Simply swap the batteries around every few months.
  • System has Standby Emergency Battery Power- 4 NiMh rechargable batteries continually charge in the base station providing up to 24 hours of standby power in the event of a power failure in your home.
  • Central Station Compatible- Uses industry standard "Contact ID" transmission format
  • 3 different ways to carry your pendant- Included with each system is a Lanyard, a Wrist/Wheelchair Strap holder and  a Belt Clip.
  • Fully Supervised System- The pendant checks in with the base station automatically every 13 hours to confirm its battery status and that it is functioning.  In the event of power loss, a very low battery or loss of RF signal- the base will relay the information to the central station.
  • Line-Seizure- Built-in relay allows system to seize the line during the emergency.
  • Multiple Devices- Up to a total of 4 pendants & Emergency Wall Communicators can be associated to a single base station.

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